Thursday, December 13, 2018

Grand Opening

GRAND OPENING! -- The City of Buffalo held its Grand Opening on Friday, December 7, 2018 and was also recognized by the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce as Business of the Month. Pictured are Rita Baty, Stacey McCeig, Julie Uptmor, Little Miss Emry Jones, Jerrod Jones, Sue Pitman, Samantha Jones, Phillip Bounds, Glenn Hightower, Mayor Royce Dawkins, Carolyn Dawkins, Donna Williams, Corey Theiss, Martha Jones, Debbie Weaver, Ken Jones, and Debbie Waters.

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APPRECIATION -- The City of Buffalo along with Goodwin-Lasiter-Strong of Bryan, Texas are pictured with Community National Bank who graciously donated the land to the Buffalo City to build their new City Hall. Pictured are Jerry Don Sanders and Stacey McCeig of Community National Bank, Jerrod Jones and Dianne Ryder, City Council Members, Renee Carranza of Community National Bank, Dorothy Farmer City Council Member, Jennifer Sitton of Goodwin Lasiter-Strong, Tommy Neyland of Community National Bank, Mayor Royce Dawkins, Larry Lasiter and Billy Ballow of Goodwin-Lasiter-Strong.

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City of Buffalo

CITY OF BUFFALO -- The Buffalo City Hall Office Employees include Julie Uptmor, Debbie Waters, Carolyn Dawkins (Mayor’s Wife), Mayor Royce Dawkins, Donna Williams, Debbie Weaver and Rita Baty.

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Bethlehem Experience

THE BETHLEHEM EXPERIENCE -- Woodley & Linda Long in the Bethlehem Experience at the First Baptist Church in Buffalo. Bethlehem was open to the community Thursday-Sunday night from 6-8pm. See more photos on page 5.

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Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration: An Annual Tradition

MERRY CHRISTMAS! -- Karen Capio and her granddaughter Jade Woods enjoy a visit with Santa at the Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration on December 1st.

What began as a Christmas gift in 2009 by late husband Mack Jackson, has become an annual tradition carried out by Karen Jackson and the help of a few ‘Elves’ that brings joy to kids from Buffalo and the surrounding area.

Co-hosted on the 1st Saturday of December, by the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, Buffalo Eastern Star, Normangee Eastern Star and generous contributions by local citizens’ kids of all ages enjoy gifts like dolls, color books, car and trucks.

Santa’s Helpers like Sue Pittman, Leslie Hensler, Cindy Sitton, Molly Jean Doss, Nettie Haynie, Wynona Ward and Roger Martin share the joy of Christmas embracing that Santa, although fun, is secondary to Jesus.

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Happy Birthday Jesus!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS CELEBRATION! -- The 9th Annual Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration was held on Saturday evening, December 1st, from 4-6PM at the Buffalo Civic Center hosted by the Buffalo Chamber and Buffalo #157 Eastern Star. Pictured are Cindy Sitton, Wynona Ward, Nettie Haynie, Santa, Jade Woods, Mrs. Claus, Molli Jean Doss, Sue Pittman, Leslie Hensler, and Darla Williams.

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Guess How Many M&M's?

GUESS HOW MANY M&M’S? -- Stop by Citizens State Bank in Buffalo to guess how many M&M’s are in the jar. The drawing will be held on December 21st at noon. Both a girl and boy will win a bike.

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