Monday, August 19, 2019

Davis Country Store Recognized

HISTORICAL DEALER -- Davis Country Store was named a Historical Dealer by Purina Animal Nutrition on Friday, August 9th. Davis Country Store was one of six dealers awarded this recognition in the Red River Sales Division. Pictured are Wes Mason, Margo Mansell, Bobby Fishbeck, Christie Fishbeck, Clayton Cromeens, Jarrett Fishbeck, Jean Davis, Tom Davis, Hayley Harris, Carrie Cromeens, Jacob Fishbeck, and Scott Phillips. See article on page 2.

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Back to School

BACK TO SCHOOL -- Jase Ezell is all smiles with his Pre-K teacher Paloma Sotelo. Meet the Teacher for BISD students was held on Monday afternoon. Students will return to school on Wednesday.

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Studio 75 Salon Gives Free Haircuts

FREE HAIRCUTS -- Ashley Toups, Sarah Sheffield, Lorie George, Brittany Cunningham, and Erin Nix at Studio 75 Salon gave 101 free haircuts on Friday.

Studio 75 Salon, (along with an anonymous donor) paid it forward with “The Giveback” free back.to.school haircuts for students Preschool - 12th grade. Brittany Cunningham, owner and operator of Studio 75 Salon wanted to thank the community for their kindness and support by offering back.to.school haircuts last year and again this year. This year the Salon doors opened Friday morning at 10 o’clock to an awaiting crowd. By the days end, the stylist had cut 101 head of hair. Clients themselves paid it forward with hair donations. Kaylen and Alexa Sanchez donated 12 and 9 inches while Vanessa Bautista donated 8 inches. There were two additional donations of 8+ inches.

The Salons Facebook wall includes this quote: “When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”

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The Coffee Nook Opens

How do you like your Coffee?....... Why not enjoy it at the NOOK !!!!

Moving east down Hwy 79 into old town Buffalo brings us to the newest business to open in our area.

The Coffee Nook is open for business 6 days a week with owners Kim and Jim Cornish bringing an inviting niche to our community.

First impressionmight cause the customer to think well they are serve coffee from 6 am to 2pm Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, and closed on Sunday……Big Deal!!!

After visiting with Air Force veteran / experienced corporate businessman Jim Cornish this reporter came away with a totally different / enlightened opinion. After listening to this multi- talented craftsman and looking around the newly renovated high ceiled structure a different impression was being formed. Exposed brick walls, school house lighting, antique tables, chairs, couches, and storage containers decorate the room and set the mood from a different time and place. Preserving our Buffalo history of architecture, antiques, art, and community pride are major focuses of thesetriple business owners. Their other local business ventures include Freedom Air Conditioning ( established 2006 ) and Heart and Home ( established 2008 ).

The goal of the Coffee Nook is to create a meeting place/ relaxed venue where the community can meet and greet each other in a warm, friendly atmosphere. The green chalkboard from a Buffalo elementary classroom of another era will list the menu but the patrons that enterthe doors will be the catalyst that brings this concept to life. Customers will be able to drink, eat, talk, unwind and relax in a unrushed environment that also will provide special events, movies, theatre, live music, and games without the big city hassles and congestion.

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Braniff Airways Meets with Loved Ones of Crash Victims

MEMORIAL PLANNING -- Buffalo’s Charlcie Casey has been a historical connection for Colin Ice and Ben Cass of the Braniff Airways Foundation as they planned the Memorial of the Braniff Flight 542 that crashed here in September 1959. (Photo taken at the crash site.)

The Pharm in Buffalo was the site of an organizational meeting called by Ben Cass and Colin Ice of the Braniff Airways Foundation which preserves and promotes the history of Braniff. Cass, the Founder and President of the organization, presided over the meeting.

The meeting was to discuss and finalize the details of the Memorial of the Braniff plane crash that occurred just a few miles outside of Buffalo on September 29th, 1959. There were no survivors. Thirty-four people, passengers and crew, perished at the scene. Attending the meeting were three individuals who each lost their father in the tragedy.

Braniff Flight 542, a Lockheed-188 Electra, was just 23 minutes into its flight from Houston on its way to stop at Love Field in Dallas before its final destination to Washington, D.C. The cause of the crash could not be determined at the time. This was before planes were equipped with “black boxes” to record information. It was months later, when another Electra crashed, that it was determined that “harmonic coupling” in the wings caused the wing to vibrate and fail, thus causing the crash.

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