Saturday, December 16, 2017

Robin Craig: The Lily

Meet Robin Craig who has moved to Buffalo from the Woodlands and brings with her all her artistic talents to share and teach and inspire others at her new home, The Lily. Monday, December 4th, Robin was hostess to a large group of local ladies who were interested to learn the art of wreath making. Those in attendance learned some of skills to produce a beautiful wreath for Christmas decoration.

In addition to the lessons with wreaths, those present had a chance to look through samples of other local artists and dealers who brought their wares, mostly with a Christmas theme. Special purchases were made by those getting ready for the holidays. Guests also enjoyed a brunch of muffins, quiche, fresh fruit, and Apple Champagne Punch with Cranberries all supplied by Teresa Nix and Kathleen Wilmot.

Robin has had 30 years of experience in floral design. She is also an artist, and has moved to the Buffalo area retired but with hopes and plans of now painting and enjoying her creativity to produce the things she has not always had time for before. The Lily includes a comfortable working studio separate from her house. Monday the studio was overflowing with ladies watching Robin’s demonstrations with the wreaths.

Robin started her journey into retirement by purchasing five acres and a small house on CR 3142 about two years ago. The first step was to reconstruct and add to the existing house. Though it is still a “work in progress”, the small house has already turned into a charming and inviting cottage.

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Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! -- Nine month old Jade Ann Woods visits with Santa at the Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration. This is her first Christmas and she is the daughter of Willie & Courtney Woods. See Section B for Special Christmas Section.

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Letters to Santa

Ryker Payne

Hi Santa Clause,

My name is Ryker Payne. This year has really been a good year for me. I don’t get as many spankings or timeout, especially since I live at my MeMe & Papaw’s is house. I’m the baby to of course.

Thank you so much for all the presents last year. This year I would like a baby doll, stroller, coloring book, makeup, and of course markers. I have a bunch more on my list because I just had my Birthday. Can you please bring my Big Sister Mc a hoverboard, and some makeup? My other Big Sister Piper wants a scooter. Now Santa, don’t forget about my little buddy, Freeman, he’s the best brother even if he is mean to me sometimes. He wants a scooter motorcycle, but I think he needs some tools to help my Dad and Pawpaw work on things. I’m really going to try to go to sleep early Christmas Eve, but I love to stay up late. My Meme says I’m a Night Owl like My Grandma Davis.

Santa, Please don’t forget about my cousins “The B’s” they are always so good. We love and miss them so much. Also Santa, my best friend Hattie has been super good, can you bring her a new baby doll?

Did you like your cookies and milk last year? This year I’m going to make you a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and a pancake. It’s my favorite.

Love you,

Ryker Payne

2 years old

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Buffalo PD Warns About Skimmers

There have been several cases of credits being clones and are being in the area and outside of the area. I am also asking that the businesses report it to us also and let us come and get the device as evidence.

The Buffalo Police Department is working very hard at collecting evidence of these cases, but we need everyone help in doing this. Please if you have had your debit/card used please file a police report so that we can gather as much evidence or information about eh suspect as we can so that we can try and bring him/her to justice. When you report it to the bank they will tell you to come and report it to the police department PLEASE come and report it!

By reporting these crimes, we will be able to try and locate where the skimmers are and maybe the business can help locate and identify the suspect placing the skimmers are and maybe the business can help locate and identify the suspect placing the skimmer on video. We may also be able to add or include all cases as on charge to make it a higher charge and help us keep them off the street for a longer period of time.

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Member of the Month

MEMBER OF THE MONTH -- The Buffalo Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate the Member of the Month for December 2017 - Kenneth R. Schroeder, General Contractor, providing Residential and Agricultural custom building for over 20 years, specializing in Barndominium construction. The office is located in Centerville, Tx where he and his wife, Deanne, a High School Science teacher, reside. With the help of Denise Rosington, office manager, and their crew of 7 sub-contractors, they help make your dreams come true. Pictured are Tommy Neyland, “Chamber”, Holly King, “Chamber”, Deanne & Kenneth Schroeder, “Business Owners”, Denise Rosington, “Office Manager”, Elizabeth C. Ferrari, “Chamber”, Susan Wilder, “Chamber” and Phillip Bounds, “Chamber”. For any of your building needs, please contact Kenneth R. Schroeder at (903) 536-1276 Office, or (979) 229-6924 cell or by email at kenneth@krssteel.com.

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CHAMPIONS -- The Buffalo Bison Varsity team went 5-0 in the Centerville Tournament to become the Tournament Champions. Pictured are (back) Luis Porras, Ryan Rath, Dawson Adams, Jacob Simpson, Timothy Simpson, Jarrett Fishbeck, Coach Thomas Orr, (front) Dirk Kilgore, Jamaul Randle, Daniel Rodriguez, Roberto Garcia, Caleb Ayres.

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