Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 5-22-18

Uh oh! Is it that time of year already? Kids getting out of school and it’s bathing-suit-time and I haven’t really worked at losing that ten pounds that looks like it only found one place to go: the waistline? Wrote this little ‘ditty’ almost 20 years ago; hope it tickles your ‘funny-bone’.

You Ate What?

By Honey Bee Morris

Every doggone thing I like

Is fattening, don’t you see,

If it has any taste at all

It isn’t good for me.

I sit sometimes and ponder

The complexities of life,

Seems no matter what I eat

All I get is wide!

Going to the grocery store

Can make you quite depressed,

But that ain’t half so bad as

Shopping for a bigger dress.

I have tried to count the calories

I’ve skipped the fats, the fruits, the fries,

But no matter how I starve myself,

I can’t decrease the thighs.

I’ve read so many diet books,

It’s a shame the time I waste.

If it really isn’t bad for me

It seems to have no taste.

So, I’ve come up with my own rules

To put food upon the table,

I’ll just eat it and enjoy it….

And THEN I’ll read the label.

Sit back and chuckle at

My rules and my riddle,

But don’t hold me responsible for

What happens to your middle!